At 22 years old, Mark Adjo Camus was diagnosed with fatty liver and had to take hypertension medicines.

Mark weighed a big 346 pounds at 6″1!

He now weighs 220 pounds.

We learned about Mark when he submitted the picture above and shared his fitness journey in this post below:

Hi everyone, I’m Mark. I started my journey last year around April. I used to weigh 346 pounds now I’m around 220 pounds at 6’1″. I pledge to lose 30 more pounds to reach my desirable BMI and help raise awareness to other Filipinos that we can fight obesity and the time to start is NOW!

It took Mark only 17 months to lose more than 140 pounds. That’s more than 8 pounds every month!

Mark really got our attention so we asked to interview him so we could share his story and what he did with other members of the FitFil Community.

Here’s the full interview:

FitFil: Tell us a little about you. What do you do for a living? What did you take up in school? What’s Mark like?

Mark: Hi, my name is Mark Adjo Camus and I’m a Pilot and a Ground Instructor for pilots. I studied at PATTS College of Aeronautics taking up B.S. in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. I love airplanes, most people are obsessed with cars but me, airplanes are my thing. I’m a cat person, playing with my cat. Cessna relieves my stress from work.

Also, I very much enjoy spending time out with my friends, going on road trips, night outs and sometimes just chilling out.

FitFil: Mark, what made you decide to lose the weight? Can you take me to that specific moment where you told yourself “I’m doing it now!”

Mark: Primarily for my career. You see, I want to become an Airline pilot, and doing so I need to be in tip-top shape. Having to get a medical clearance is one of the requirements.

When I was about to start my pilot training, that’s the time when I received the bad news. I visited my Dad’s cardiologist, which in turn became my doctor as well. I asked to be cleared in some of the medical requirements for CAAP (Civil Aviation Authority of the Phils.). So I took various exams and all.

After a few days, the results are in and I remember I was seated inside my doctor’s clinic just blanked out.  To be quick let’s just say, that’s the first time I wasn’t happy to see high scores in my life. Then, I simply said to myself “I need to change”. With the fear of not being able to chase my dreams (figuratively and literally) and living a long life, things really need to change.

FitFil: Were you on the heavier side ever since you were a kid? Are the other members of your family big as well?

Mark: Yeah, I was always the big guy of the block and yes we are all BIG in the family. I’m the youngest of four siblings and tallest and there was also a time the heaviest at 346LBs!

FitFil: I’m looking at your first picture in the collage. You were smiling. You seem to be a happy kid. But taking off that shirt and taking a picture of you is something that scares most of us. What was your exact feeling when you were taking that picture? Weren’t you worried or scared that people would make fun of you?

Mark: Scared? Oh no. Even though I was fat I was never ashamed of my body, and I think other people should be too. I believe we are just given false ideas of WHAT to look like. That is why a lot of people feel ashamed of their bodies.

I have dealt with that insecurity a long time ago and I just want to be healthy, it just so happens one of the perks of being healthy will make me look leaner.

FitFil: I’m sure that there were times when you felt like giving up or didn’t feel like exercising or just wanted to go back to the old diet, what kept you focused? What’s that big WHY that kept you pushing?

Mark: My family has always been big, well to what I remember, since my sister and I are 12 years apart from our other siblings. And come with the family, is the genetics we have. I came from a long line of hypertensive and diabetics, that’s maybe one of the reasons I kept focused on my goal.

Being afraid of not to live a full life and not able to pursue my dream of being a pilot. Good thing I’m surrounded by wonderful people spreading good vibes, helping me and motivating me to achieve my goal.

FitFil: Ok, someone’s reading this interview right now. He’s on the computer; he’s 28 years old. He doesn’t have much in terms of extra money to eat healthily or enroll in a gym.

He’s thinking, “The only reason why Mark is successful is that he’s well off. I can’t do what he did. I’m big boned and I just have to accept that I’ll forever be on the heavier side.” What 3 things can you tell him that he can do right away and will get him fast

What 3 things can you tell him that he can do right away and will get him fast results?

Mark: Well to start, our goal should always be to better ourselves. You should always be up for a challenge. My thinking is “being contented on what you are now is like giving up”, not to sound cocky but it’s true.

So what I say whenever I meet new people who ask; “How did you do it?” the answer I give them is “consistency”.  If you have a goal you create a system. Plan out your short-term goals and you execute them until you reach your final goal.

The key is discipline. Yes, it might sound cliché but it’s true. You have a plan? Do it, no short cuts. Sticking to your plan as it unfolds will give you motivation because you see it’s working.

You don’t go to war and plan to lose, but going back, I believe nobody is a quitter. I think we are just waiting for the push we need to attain whatever we want.

I can guarantee that you Juan, 28, big boned. You don’t need to step one foot inside a gym to start your fitness journey. There are a lot of ways if you really want to be healthy.

As my high school teacher always says “Walang mahirap kung gugustuhin”. You can run or jog in your village and keep that heart rate up. Your body is accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. It will take some time to get used to being active. You can use plastic bottles filled with water as your weights. Let the creativity kick in.

You can choose among different varieties and combinations of workouts. For the dieting, keep this in mind: being healthy is 80% diet and just 20% exercise. You won’t see any results with just one.

You might be thinking “Eating Healthy is expensive” well yes and no. Yes, if you eat out to be healthy. But in your own way, you can eat good, healthy food without draining your wallet. Well, I’m not going to enumerate recipes but there are a lot of them online.

Remember Google is your friend. Just another tip, try to avoid junk food (Processed food) they have a lot of salt and unwanted sugar which can really make us fat.

Read before you EAT.

FitFil: Last question, what’s your typical day and meals like? You still on maintenance meds?

Mark: I try to work out 5 to 6 times a week, most of the time after work, so I have two sets of schedules. Sometimes I prepare my meals the night before so I’ll just reheat them at the office.

On workdays, I wake up around 5 am and do my morning routine and then I’m off to work just like everybody else. After work, around 6 pm onwards I go the gym for about two hours then back to base.

Mark makes sure to hit the gym consistently

My three main meals usually consist of half a cup of brown rice or some steamed veggies for carbs and either grilled chicken or Tuna for protein. For snacks, I would eat an apple or a banana. Also included in my diet are multivitamins, taking it at breakfast and my whey protein after workouts for a better recovery.

Regarding my maintenance. I stopped when my blood pressure normalized. The cardio really helped and I have been doing 5km Jogs almost every day.

But Mark’s fitness journey doesn’t end here.

If you recall Mark’s post above, he has joined the FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge and has pledged to lose an additional 30 pounds and reach his desirable BMI.

Mark is also part of the FitFil Community and has promised to help other members hit their weight loss pledges.

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