What did you do in the last 4 minutes before you read this post?

Be honest 🙂 

If you ask me, I’ll be straight-up honest with you and tell you that it has NOTHING to do with working out.

Exercising is probably one thing that we put aside most of the times.

We think that exercising is something that you need to really condition yourself before you actually do it.

I’m sure you’re guilty of saying to yourself:

“I promise to start exercising next week.”

And next week comes and then you tell yourself:

“There was just too much work to do last week and there was no way I could squeeze exercising into my schedule.”

Sounds familiar? It’s alright!

We’re all guilty and that’s why we’re here.

We’ll be addressing real issues like this and get the best help from the coaches.

And after speaking to them, I have no excuse! AT ALL!

The coaches explained that I can burn 600 calories in 4 minutes!

  • No Equipment 
  • No fancy gear
  • No need for a huge space

Here’s a short video that I saw online where they talk about what exercises to do which you can do right after you wake up.

So here’s the challenge, if we really are dead serious about our pledges to lose the weight, we’ve got to make it a point to do the workouts and of course due diligence when it comes to our meals. 🙂


Before you go, just want to make sure if you have already registered or not.

If you haven’t, I have the link ready for you 🙂