Ok, so this article isn’t just for the ladies out there but 9/10 it’s the ladies who are really concerned about stomach bloating.

It’s a common concern among the ladies because who wants a bloated tummy anyway? Especially one that’s sticking out when you’re wearing that nice dress but

Especially one that’s sticking out when you’re wearing that nice dress and eventually decide to wear something else.

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Bloating caused by gas or water retention can ruin your day, not to mention your running form. Fix your puffed up tummy problem once and for all with our lowdown on the key foods to eat, and the ones to avoid.

How to beat stomach bloating

Foods that cause bloating

Salty snacks

Not only is salt bad for your health, too much of it leads to water retention which can make your stomach balloon. Go easy on the salt-shaker and steer clear of processed foods which are often jam-packed with sodium.


This member of the legume family contains indigestible sugars called oligosaccharides; guilty culprits of excessive gas and bloating as your digestive system tries to break them down. Try eating lentils on days where you can deal with the bloat or soak them for at least 48-hours before cooking.

Cruciferous vegetables

Taking time out from veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale will give your stomach a break from sulphur-rich chemicals and reduce the bloat. But don’t cut them out completely, as they’re packed with nutrients. Research also suggests that they could help fight certain forms of cancer, as highlighted by the National Cancer Institute


As delicious as a pint of crisp, cold beer can be, it combines two well-known culprits of bloating, fermentable carbohydrates and carbon dioxide. Swap your pint for small glass of wine or a clear spirit on the rocks and beat the beer-belly. If you can’t resist, opt for a gluten-free pint.

Bloat busting foods


This magical root is one of the most sought after remedies for easing stomach trouble. Lucky for us it’s widely available at supermarkets. Chew it fresh, drink it in tea, or put it into your cooking. The choice is yours.


Packed with potassium, avocados can help to flush out any excess sodium from your system and ease discomfort. Another potassium-rich remedy that’s best enjoyed with breakfast is peanut butter, which also has heaps of health benefits.


Whether you use oil or fresh leaves, peppermint can work wonders for your stomach. Sip away any discomfort by making a quick and easy peppermint tea with fresh leaves and a splash of hot water.


If you aren’t dairy intolerant head for the fridge and tuck into a soothing pot of yoghurt. Not only is yoghurt rich in potassium, it’s packed with probiotic friendly bacteria. Be inspired to mix up your yoghurt game with our three alternative recipes


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