Let’s admit it.

Running isn’t for all of us.

Your officemate may talk to you endlessly about the benefits of running and all, plus the proof of concept where you see so many people joining Fun Run and Marathons.

We get it.

But running just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea.

Do you feel the same way?

You know how your legs feel after a short 2 km run? That feeling that as if you ran from Baclaran to North Edsa?

Or that soreness in your heels because the last time you ran was back in 6th grade. Oh, and you fell flat on your arms and were left with a cast that’s why running lost its appeal on you.

I don’t get excited thinking about it.

If you feel the same way, continue on reading.

If you don’t pass this article to a friend you’ve been trying to convince otherwise.

So what excites you?

Basketball? Volleyball, Boxing? Parkour?

What excites me is swimming.

But swimming isn’t really that accessible.

Same with basketball, volleyball, and other sports that require you to schedule it with friends or really make the time for it. 

Plus, I can’t do anything else when swimming. 

I want something that I can hit two birds with 1 stone.

Like relax and still lose weight.

Now, as I was searching online what activity can I actually do and at the same time enjoy listening to my favorite podcast or audiobook, I stumbled upon this article.

It’s as if the walking heavens opened its doors and reached out this article for me!


I never thought that walking would have such a huge benefit.

I can listen to my podcast, or music, walk and still lose weight!!!


But this isn’t walking like what I was thinking. 

My thinking was similar to a stroll in the village.

(I know, I shouldn’t have set such high expectations with minimal effort)

It’s more of structured walking.

According to the article here’s how you should walk:

“Place your eyes 100 feet forward and your stomach should be tight. While you walk remember to squeeze your chin and your glutes as well.

If you want to practice walking as an exercise you will have to use this precise style of walking. This is the time when the pedometer shows its role!

How much can walking help you to lose weight?

When you start to practice walking instead of exercising you should begin with 15-20 minutes in a day, 3 times in a week. However, you should increase your exercise by walking 30-60 minutes in a day.”

So the way I understand this type of walking is that I’ve got to straighten my back and eyes straight.

No problem.

I’d do this anytime and would gladly do it.

And of course, as part of the FitFil team, I’m reporting to you that today I did 5 push ups.

If you’re wondering why 5 push ups, here’s the article that explains everything.

Who knows. It might help you. 🙂

No changes. I’m still at 165 pounds.

If you’re interested to learn more about me being a case study and seeing changes, I suggest that you go to the FitFil Community. 

I’ll be sharing my progress together with other members and also difficulties that we’ll encounter.

If you’re reading this post and feeling that you want to make a change but feel that it’s bound to fail, reach out to us.

We’re here to help.