Starting to make changes is something we all have difficulty in doing.

According to popular searches on google, it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

There’s a lot of talk about if it’s really 21 days or more or even less.

But the point is, how does one actually start to form a new habit and also break old habits in order for them to lose weight?

According to a study made by Stanford Professor BJ Fogg, you can start to learn new habits like exercising, eating healthier, by starting with tiny habits.

You’ll learn more about this in a video I attached at the bottom of this post.

BJ Fogg, by the way, is one of the biggest human behavior authorities in the world.

So what does a tiny habit mean for us who want to lose weight?

Let me set the scenario first.

Imagine me, I’m 36 in a few weeks and weigh a little over 160 pounds and I’m 5 feet 6 and 3/4 inches tall. 🙂

Ok, I need that extra 3/4 of an inch so forgive me. 

My big goal is to lose 15 pounds at the end of this challenge.

How’s my current lifestyle?

I hardly exercise in a week. I don’t do much of walking.

Most of what I do throughout the day is sitting in front of the computer and the occasional helping out with the baby. That’s it.

I eat more than a cup of rice every meal. I love instant coffee. (2 cups at least)

I sleep late at night, wake up at 2 am and 5 am depending on our baby’s mood.

I’m lucky to have a home office but at the same time leaves me doing very little physical activities.

Not good. I know.

Now, I’ve decided to lose 15 pounds by the end of December.

That is a huge goal. Super H U G E!

It requires me to make major changes in my lifestyle and change of habits as well.

It’s really a habit makeover.

And I know right now that I’m setting myself up for failure.

But I’m optimistic. I try to think really hard about the law of attraction.

And still, I’m already doubting myself.

Until I learned about BJ Fogg and his tiny habit experiment.

Going back to BJ Fogg’s study, the best way to do a huge change is by starting small.

I know, but I had to repeat it to myself as well.

Break down the habit into smaller bits and pieces.

You’ll learn later in the video that instead of going all in and changing all the bad habits that I do and replacing them with the most ideal, I can and should start with the tiniest fraction of that habit that I choose.

My best example is exercising.

I can just do 5 jumping jacks tomorrow versus starting a with a big goal of doing 100 push ups, 50 squats, 50 lunges per leg and 100 jumping jacks.

Yes! 5 jumping jacks!

It won’t burn me any calories, that’s true.

But it’s so easy that I have no problem with doing it again. And again. And again.

I can also easily add another jumping jack every 3-5 days and still won’t feel overwhelmed.

And as I progress, that’s when I’ll start to see the results (burning calories).

Plus, check the image above which I took a screenshot after watching BJ’s video, it’s important to link that new habit that your building to a current behavior.

What you’re doing here is putting your mind into automation wherein you, or in this case, I, don’t have to harness my amazing willpower just to exercise.

It’s really telling myself that right after I brush my teeth, I have to do 5 jumping jacks and I’m done for the day.

That specific activity will serve as your trigger to tell your brain “Hey, you gotta do the 5 push ups we agreed on”.

Now back to you, what big goal are you trying to do with the challenge?

You trying to lose 25 pounds?

Or you want to start exercising every day?

Or you really want to get a six pack for the summer vacation?

No matter how huge the goal is, let’s try the tiny habit experiment and see where this will lead us.

I’m sure that I’m not alone when I promised myself that I will start to live healthier and failed miserably.

Watch the video below and see what I mean. What are your thoughts on this as well.

I’m sure there’s an angle that I’ve missed and I’d love that you share what you think in the FitFil Community. 

Don’t forget to tell us what you think after watching the video.

See you in the community.